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SKRT is free to use, with no deposits, no membership fees, and no hidden costs. Only pay for the trips you book.

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Everyone is welcome on SKRT. We accept documents from every country in the world. Sign up once and ride anywhere SKRT offers service.

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Our team checks out each scooter, and we use your feedback to make sure that SKRT vehicles are reliable and safe.

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Use Facebook, Google, or email. No deposit, no sign-up fee, no membership fees. We will verify your driver's license, and passport (for international users).
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Pay for your rental and instantly confirm your booking. It's as easy as that!
Coordinate a time and location to meet the owner, or receive an unlock code for your scooter and locate it using GPS.
This is the fun part! Enjoy the freedom of the open road.
Drop the vehicle off within 500m of the designated dropoff location and end the rental.
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Let other riders know how great your scooter was!
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Use the scooter manager to customize when, where and how users can rent your vehicle. List and manage as many vehicles as you want. You are in charge of managing how riders experience your scooter.
Receive bookings
Get notification when users rent your vehicle. Coordinate with the rider to exchange keys when the rental begins and ends, or skip this step and use a lock-box.
Earn Money
SKRT pays out twice a month.
Leave a rating
Let other owners know that the rider is responsible.

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